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The course is taught in 16 stages 100% online. No face-to-face tuition.

You can complete this certificate by finishing 12 Certificate (short) courses one stage at a time or by taking the complete course


Study Law Online or Learn Law Through Correspondence


This course shall provide students with an insight into the laws of England and Wales in 12 key areas, and more generally focuses on teaching students about the common law system; which is the most popular legal system in the world. Complete the course at our own pace and time anywhere in the world, and one stage at a time if you choose.

You can complete this program by finishing 12 Certificate (short) courses step-by-step or by taking the whole course.

The course is taught 100% online or through correspondence with no face-to-face classes. If you want to learn by correspondence, leave a note at the Checkout.

This course teaches students about the case law, statutes, principles and rules applicable to the common law system, in general, and more specifically those adopted in England and Wales. The importance of learning about the law in this way is due to fact that in common law jurisdictions, lawyers rely on these laws, rules and principles to argue cases before the courts, and judges base their conclusions and judgments on the very same factors.

This course is designed to provide those who have never studied law before with an opportunity to learn about the law. The structure and curriculum of the course is based on the LLB Law undergraduate degree programme that is adopted by universities in the United Kingdom. The curriculum and modules covered on the course are as follows:

– English Legal System
– Contract Law I (Obligations I)
Part I: Formation of Contracts
Part II: The Contents of the Contract
Part III: Factors that Vitiate a Contract
– Criminal Law
– Constitutional / Administrative Law

– European Union Law
– Contract II (Obligations II)
Part IV: Discharge of Contracts
Part V: Remedies for Breach of Contract
Part VI: The Rights and Liabilities of Third Parties to a Contract
– Property / Land Law
– Tort Law

– Alternative Dispute Resolution
– International Commercial Law (Sale of Goods Act 1979)
– Investigating Human Rights Violations and the Law
– Intellectual Property Law

Upon completion of this course, students shall receive a Certificate of Completion (for stages 1, 2 and 3) of the LLB Law Programme and a Letter of Reference from ELC.

When Do you Want to Start?

Our courses have different start dates each year. If you miss a start date you can simply join the course and work through to catch up or join before the next start date

Start Date: 30 September, 2020


This course shall be taught using pre-recorded lectures and downloadable Module Notes;
15 pre-recorded videos containing 28 lectures, module notes, and 400 hours of research;
The course starts with the core modules on the LLB Law programme;
The course gradually progresses to more complex areas of law; and
Multiple Choice Questions at the end of every module to test knowledge of the law and develop your learning.

If you wish to take this course by correspondence, leave a note on the Checkout page or email us after purchasing the course.



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