Negotiation Skills & Techniques

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This course is comprised of 2 lessons and is taught 100% online / offline (by email) using pre-recorded video and audio lectures. No face-to-face tuition.



Learn about the different types of Negotiation Skills & Techniques

Agents play a key role in the football / soccer industry. Contractual agreements are central to the work performed by agents, regardless of whether that is negotiating a new employment contract for a player, or a transfer agreement for a club. Knowing about the different strategies and tactics that can be adopted by an agent during the negoitation process is therefore an advantage any agent.

On this course, you shall learn about the different skills, tactics and techniques that can be adopted by agents during contract negotiations to reach a settlement on behalf of a client (player or club).

The Topics Covered on the Course Include:

Lesson 1: The Essentials of Negotiation
Lesson 2: Negotiation Strategies, Tactics & Techniques



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Start Date: 2 May, 2022

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What You Will Achieve

Once you have completed the course, you will:
– Be aware of the issues that are involved when preparing for contract negotiations;
– Be aware of the different strategies, tactics, and techniques that can be adopted when entering into negotiations;
– Be in a stronger position to reach a settlement during negotiations and a better deal for a player / club.
And, much more.


Who the Course is Designed For?

– Agents / Intermediaries;
– Parents of young players who want to represent their child to develop his / her playing career;
– Players who are considering representing themselves;
– Anybody else interested in learning about the rules in this area.

Who You Shall Learn With?

The course was prepared and is delivered by a person who trained as a lawyer (obtaining an LLB (Hons) and completed Bar training), has written may papers on various national and international legal issues, and has a keen interest in the football / soccer industry.

What’s Included?

– Unlimited access to course materials (Course Guides, sample contracts, flowcharts, pdf downloads, fully illustrated (animated) video lectures)
– Assessments: Activities, Multiple Choice Questions and Case Studies to test your learning
– A Certificate upon completion



– “Thank you for all your support. I am really enjoying the course. It is amazing. “ (John, Macau)
– “I love your course presentation. It’s very nice” (Simon, USA)
– “The materials on this course are fantastic and give a very clear picture of the world of soccer. “ (Honda, China)


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