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Part 1 – Soccer Agent e-Course (Football Intermediary Course)

Learn the skills to represent yourself (for players) or young players (for parents or representatives) during the contract negotiation process

Understand the role played by soccer / football agents

The demand for agents is high as football clubs, especially the elite clubs, are spending more and more money to ensure that they feature in the top competitions, such as the Champions League. However, finding an agent for some up-and-coming players may be difficult.

The good news is that there are alternative options available. If you are a player looking for a professional contract, or the parent, relative, or friend of a young player with talent, or anyone else who wants to improve the prospects of a young player becoming a professional, you can represent yourself (for players) or the young player by learning about the laws, rules, and procedures that apply to Agents, players and clubs.

We have created a course that shall teach you about the above areas to prepare you to represent yourself or young players.

Many top and elite players have represented themselves or are represented by parents, relatives, or people who were not previously experienced Agents.

Players Represented by Family, Relatives, etc.

Player Representative Relationship
Eden Hazard Himself N/A
Arjen Robben Hans Robben Father
Lionel Messi Jorge Horacio Messi Father
Diego Simeone Natalie Simeone Sister
Sergio Ramos Rene Ramos Brother

Our Soccer Agent eCourse

Our online (or distance learning) course will prepare you to represent players.

What You’ll Learn:

– FIFA rules relating to international player transfers;
– FIFA’s player registration system (TMS) used by clubs worldwide
– FIFA’s special rules relating to representing youth players and loan players
– How to understand contracts and contractual clauses
– How to develop a Player’s professional development (i.e. bonuses and endorsements)
– The importance of providing a professional standard of representation
– English Football Association and Premier League rules and regulations;
– The rights, obligations and remedies a player has under a contract with a Club
– The rights, obligations and remedies an Agent has under a contract with a Player
– How to negotiate an employment contract and better deals for Players
And Much, Much More!


– “Thank you for all your support. I am really enjoying the course. It is amazing. “ (John, Macau)

– “I love your course presentation. It’s very nice” (Simon, USA)

– “The materials on this course are fantastic and give a very clear picture of the world of soccer. “ (Honda, China)


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This course is taught in 10 stages by distance learning using pre-recorded video and audio lectures sent to learners by email. No face-to-face tuition or scheduled lectures.