English Legal System

This course shall provide learners with an insight into the English Legal System and the Court Structure that applies in England
: 20 hours (self-study)
: Online / Offline

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The English Legal System and Court Structure


Course Description

This course provides an overview of the key concepts of the English legal system. The topics covered in the module include:
– The UK Constitution;
– Law-making and authority;
– Judges and the courts;
– The court hierarchy;
– The distinction between criminal and civil law;
– The standard of proof in criminal and civil proceedings;
– The doctrine of the Separation of Powers;
– The doctrine of Parliamentary Sovereignty; and
– The ‘Rule of Law’.
By the end of this module, students shall have a good understanding about the English legal system, and more generally about the legal system adopted in common law jurisdictions.



Students completing this module shall receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Start Date: 2 May, 2022



Learning Outcomes

  •  To understand constitutional model adopted in the UK;
  • To understand the court hierarchy in the UK; and
  • To learn about the different governing institutions and how the
    balance of power is shared with these bodies; and
  • To understand the fundamental aspects of the English Legal

What’s Included?

  • 60 minutes of pre-recorded video lectures and 20 hours of research content;
  • Unlimited access to course materials (Course Guide, flowcharts, pdf downloads, fully illustrated (animated) video lectures);
  • Assessments: Activities, Multiple Choice Questions and Case Studies (optional) to test your learning; and
  • A Certificate upon completion.


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