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This course is taught in two stages 100% online. No face-to-face tuition.




This module provides an overview of criminal law in England and Wales.



  • Over 90 minutes of video and audio lectures
  • A Course Guide and Course Notes to download (pdf documents)



This course covers a relatively broad area of criminal law adopted in England and Wales. The topics covered include the following areas:
– Criminal liability;
– The elements of a crime (i.e. actus reus, mens rea, and strict liability offences);
– Non-fatal offences against the person (i.e. assault / battery, ABH, and GBH); and
– Fatal offences against the person and the defences available (i.e. murder, manslaughter, self-defence, etc.).
The course content has been condensed in such a way as to allow students to learn about the key areas of English criminal law in the shortest possible time.


On completing this law module, students shall receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Start Date: 30 September, 2020





  • Covers the key areas of English criminal law (Mens rea, actus reus, and strict liability offences, etc.).
  • 10 Multiple Choice Questions at the end of the module to test students.
  • At the end of the module, students shall have a good understanding of the keys areas of the criminal law in England and Wales.



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