Copyright Protection Law for Authors, Publishers, Content Creators / Consumers, etc.

This course teaches learners about national, regional, and international copyright laws and the types of works protected by the law in this area
: 20 hours (self-study)
: Online / Offline

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Copyright Protection for Authors, Publishers, Entrepenuers, Consumers of Original, etc.

Learn the Copyright rules in place to ensure your works are protected by law

– Are you a creator of original content who wants to:
– ensure your works are protected?
– know when Copyright Protected works can be used lawfully by others?
– know how to protect your works internationally?;
– understand the action that can be taken in the event of a breach of copyright law?
– learn how to make money from Copyright Protected works without compromising the level of protection provided?;

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, learning about copyright laws shall give you more confidence when monetizing original content for sale online because you shall be aware of the extent of protection afforded to everybody under the law, and the steps that can be taken to secure worldwide copyright protection.

The proliferation of the internet around the globe has opened up amazing opportunities for creators of original works (i.e. authors, musicians, film / video producers, studio engineers, etc) to monetise their content by selling it on a wide range of online platforms. This allows creators of original works the opportunity to receive a reward for all their hard work, while simultaneously bringing joy to the lives of those using the material. However, while the internet has undoubtedly increased the commercial opportunities for content creators worldwide, it has also made it easier for some users to share content to large numbers of people without obtaining the prior permission of the creator of that material.

The good news is that the law does provide a degree of protection to certain types of works. However, copyright laws differ from country-to-county and region-to-region. Therefore, understanding what published material shall be protected, the extent of that protection, the steps to take to protect works in different countries / regions, and the action that can be taken where your works have been used contrary to copyright laws, can be difficult for the creators of works.

The Advantage of Learning about Copyright Protection

The advantage of learning about copyright protection laws for the creators of works is that you will know how to ensure your material is adequately protected under the law.

Examples of online content / work covered by Copyright Laws


Category Definition
Music Music tracks or albums


Films Films (Full Length)


TV Programmes TV Programmes (including live sport)


Computer software Computer software (excluding mobile phone apps, and patches / upgrades to software already owned)
Books e-books


Video games Video games (excluding patches and upgrades)

UK Intellectual Property Office

The Topics Covered on the Course Include:

Part 1: Copyright Protection in England:
The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 – Post Brexit: The Intellectual Property (Copyright and Related Rights) (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019
– The types of works and things covered by copyright
– The length of time and geographical reach of protection
– What amounts to a breach of copyright protection?
– The action that copyright holders can take where the protection has been breached
Part 2: International Copyright Protection (i.e. Berne Convention)
– The types of works and things covered by copyright
– The length of time and geographical reach of protection
– What amounts to a breach of copyright protection?
– The action that copyright holders can take where the protection has been breached
Part 3:Circumstances where work is not protected by Copyright Protection Laws

Part 4:Monetising Copyright Protected Material

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Start Date: 31 January, 2022



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What You Will Achieve

Once you have completed the course, you will know:

– How to protect copyright material in England;
– How to protect copyright material in the European Union;
– How to protect copyright material Internationally;
– How to Identify which things are protected by copyright laws;
– What steps you can take to protect your material
– How to monetise and protect your material under copyright laws
And, much more.


Who the Course is Designed For?

– Creators of written works (i.e. Authors);
– Entrepeneurs (i.e. e-Book sellers);
– Content creators; and
– Anybody else who has an interest in knowing more about copyright protection law

What’s Included?

– Unlimited access to course materials (Course Guide, flowcharts, pdf downloads, fully illustrated (animated) video lectures)
– Assessments: Activities, Multiple Choice Questions and Case Studies (optional) to test your learning
– A Certificate upon completion


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– “I love your course presentation. It’s very nice” (Simon, USA)

– “The materials on this course are fantastic and give a very clear picture of the world of soccer. “ (Honda, China)


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