Certificate in English Contract Law (PART II) | Price £150

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This course is taught in two stages 100% online. No face-to-face tuition.



This module shall provide students with a more in-depth understanding of English contract law. The tuition is 100% online using pre-recorded video and audio lectures and materials that can be downloaded. No face-to-face tuition.


Contract Law II builds upon the topics covered in Contract Law I by providing students with a more in-depth understanding of English contract law. The topics covered in this module include:
– Discharge of Contracts;
– Remedies for Breach of Contract; and
– The Rights and Liabilities of Third Parties to a Contract.
The module shall examine the relevant case law and statutory provisions applicable to the above topics. By the end of this module, those who also completed Contract Law I shall have a holistic understanding of English contract law.


Students completing this course shall be given a Certificate of Completion.


  • 90 minutes of pre-recorded video lectures and 30 hours of research content
  • To provide students with an insight into areas of contract law that were not covered in the Contract Law I module (i.e. discharge of contracts, remedies for breach of contract, and the rights and liabilities of third parties to a contract).
  • To teach students about the case law, statutory provisions, rules and principles applicable to English contract law.
  • 15 Multiple Choice Questions at the end of the module to test students’ knowledge of the topics covered.


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