Frequently Asked Questions

Studying with Us

Yes, anybody can enrol on any of our courses. However, it is worth mentioning that our courses are currently only taught in English.

No. There are no live classes / lectures that you need to attend. The course is taught through pre-recorded video / audio lectures and courses materials (in pdf format) that can be downloaded to your desktop, tablet or phone. This allows all students the opportunity to structure their studies around their personal commitments.

After enrolling on a course you shall be given access to all course materials and instructions to complete a course. These are all hosted on our website. These materials include audio / video lectures, course guides and materials, amongst other things. You can watch and listen to the lectures, and download the course guide / materials, complete your research and complete the assessments (Multiple Choice Questions). There are no live classes / lectures to attend.

Yes. All students shall have access to support 24 /7 from an instructor / admin by email, WhatsApp or telehone. Any questions or concerns you have about your studies shall be answered by a person appointed to provide support.

There are no exams, but you shall be assessed by way of Multiple Choice Questions. At the end of each stage of a course, you shall need to answer these questions online to proceed to the next of the course.

Yes. You do not need permanent access to the Internet to complete our courses. You will need temporary access to download the Course Guide / materials and complete a course using only those materials if you do not wish to watch / listen to the lectures. All of the necessary instructions and materials are contained in the Course Guide. However, you'll need temporary access (approx. 30 minutes) to the Internet again to complete the Multiple Choice Questions (The Assessment) before proceeding to the next stage of the course.

Refunds and Purchases

Yes, we offer a full refund to anybody requesting a refund within 48 hours of paying for a course.

You can pay for a course using cash, bank transfer, or by using PayPal (using a credit or debit card). We have also introduced payment by crypto-currencies (i.e. bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, litecoin, etc). If you wish to pay using a cryptocurrency contact us for our Wallet Address.

Yes. If you want to pay for a course by instalment you should enrol on 1 stage of a course and pay for the next stage as and when you are ready to proceed to the next stage. If you can't find the information or link to pay by instalment, contact us and we'll give you instructions or send it to you.

Yes, we can accept payment by cash through MoneyGram, Western Union, amongst other international payment services. If you want to pay by cash contact us and we'll give you our payments details.

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