Frequently Asked Questions

Course Related Information

A: Yes, there are no eligibility requirements. Our courses are, however, taught in English so a reasonable command of the English language is required.

A: No.We do provide a taster version of a law degree but it is not a qualifying law degree. This course is useful for somebody who wants to get an idea about what it is like to study law before enrolling a law degree, or someone who wishes to take advantage of a less expensive option to study law.

A: Yes, you can download a sample of the course content here: Demo Course Guide Contact us if you wish to see more samples.

A: We teach using a combination of teaching methods. We use pre-recorded video and audio lectures, course guides and additional materials that can be downloaded (in pdf format). Our course materials are hosted on our website so once you enrol you can access the materials and start studying.

A: Yes, but you shall need temporary Internet access to access our Course Portal. Once you have gained access to the Course Portal you can download the course materials to your device and study as and when you wish.

A: No. There are no scheduled or face-to-face lectures. The lectures are pre-recorded. In this way, you can study at your own pace.

A: No, but you shall be assessed using Activities and Multiple-Choice-Questions at the end of each Part / Module you are taking.

A: Yes, learners shall receive 24/7 instructor support by email / WhatsApp. If you have any questions about the course or your studies you can contact the instructor for an answer.

Purchases & Refunds

A: Yes, but in the first instance you must give us an opportunity to resolve any complaints that you have. If we are unable to resolve your complaints you can request a full refund providing that you claim within 24 hours and do not download the course materials from our website.

A: After paying for your course, you shall receive an email with a link and instructions within 48 hours so you can start studying.

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