About Us

“Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere” – Chinese Proverb

Who We Are

Enlightened Law Courses (ELC) is a provider of law courses. We specialise in teaching students about the law in a broad range of areas, including both national and international laws. ELC was conceived on the idea that learning about the law should not only be accessible to all, but relevant to modern day life. You can therefore learn about the law with us on multiple different platforms (i.e. online and / or via distance learning), through video / audio lectures hosted online, written texts (in pdf format), and materials found through our online portal.

We believe that learning about the law is not only important, but that it is essential in society that everybody at least knows how to conduct research on legal matters even if they do not know about a specific area of law. After all, everybody subject to the law, and no man is above the all. Despite this, learning about the law is reserved for the select few that are fortunate enough to secure a place at University or on a college course. We believe that more people would like to know more about the law, as knowing about the law has the potential to facilitate one’s personal development and improve their quality of life; hence the creation of ELC.

What We Do

ELC provide law courses to individuals, groups and organisations all around the world. We teach a broad range of English law subjects that are suitable for anyone interested in learning about the English common law system. Those who study with us shall only get out of the courses what they put in.